Chief Instructor – Paul Smith

Sifu Paul Smith

Sifu Paul has been training in martial arts for over 30 years, Paul has trained under world-reknowned masters such as Pat O’Malley (Rapid Arnis) and Samuel Kwok (Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Art Association). He was a boxing champion and a PTI (Physical Training Instructor) in the British Army, and has achieved high grades in several styles, such as;

  • 4th degree Black Sash in Wing Chun
  • 1st degree Black Belt in Rapid Arnis
  • 1st degree Black Belt in Doce Pares Original Multi-Style
  • 1st Dan in Shotokan Karate

He has also trained with other great martial artists including: Grand Master Yip Ching; Grand Master Yip Chun; Antonio Diego; GM Dionisio Canete; GM Danny Guba; Master Albert Sales; Master Jose ‘Joe’ Borces; Master Percival ‘Val’ Pableo; Master Rey Galang; Carlson Gracie; Royce Gracie; Gary Spears; Sensei Enoeda, Sensei Kawazoe and Dan Inosanto.

Paul has completed in many competitions in addition to his boxing wins in the Army, winning;

  • 5 British titles in full-contact fighting
  • Gold in the Doce Pares World Championships
  • Silver in the 1st Invitational World Arnis Championships
  • Class winner in the 2004 Mr Scotland Body Building competition.