Sifu Paul Smith with some of his students in Edinburgh

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New event - Biu Gee Seminar

"I will be teaching a Biu Gee seminar at the Police HQ, Fettes, Edinburgh. I will cover the form in great detail. As well as the fighting applications you will be learning to apply them properly through form based sparring. This is an attacking fighting form and not just for practicing two way energy etc. like some people think it is. It is extremely pragmatic as you will see. The chi sau applications will also be covered." — Master Paul Smith
More details can be found on the Events page.

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Combat Arts Scotland, lead by chief instructor Sifu Paul Smith, teaches a range martial arts to students of all levels. With classes in both Edinburgh and Glasgow, Combat Arts Scotland offers the ability for people to learn from and train with one of Britain's foremost martial artists. We currently teach a number of styles including:

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Sifu Paul Smith is available for:

  • Wing Chun and Filipino Martial Arts seminars
  • Private tuition
  • Small group training
  • Personal training (fitness, all sports, all levels)

For more information or to contact Paul regarding seminars, please email: or call on 07827 314974


We hold regular seminars with some of the world's premier martial artists, including:  Master Samuel Kwok (Wing Chun), Tuhon Pat O'Malley (Rapid Arnis) and Tuhon Lucy O'Malley (Doce Pares Original Multi Style).

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Private Lessons

If you would like one on one tuitioning from Paul Smith in any of the martial arts he offers then contact Paul on 07827 314974, by email at or book a lesson online at his Club Training profile page.

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